Monday, July 25, 2011

Where does time go?

It doesn't seem like thirty days ago I did my first post for this blog. In fact I don't know where the time went. I'm down to 32 days, and the final touches are coming together. Each task completed is another drive home that this is actually happening.

Nothing big has really happened, like I said final touches. I got my visa in and my plane ticket bought. I have a six hour lay over in New York, if i'm not crying hysterically ,my face will pressed to the window. Never been that far north and i'm kind of excited about it. I'll leave the states August 27 and arrive in Italy on August 28, my first international flight ever! I went to the doctor got blood drawn for the first time and made sure I was properly vaccinated before going to Italy. I felt like a pin cushion after it was all said in done. I talked to my Rotary Club and presented them with a power point about my life in America  and Texas proper titled "American Apple Pie, Texas Sweet Tea, and Little Ol' Me" that I will be showing to my host club in Italy.

And last but not least I am in my hometown of Mineral Wells for three weeks saying my last good-byes to family and friends and spending time with them before I leave.

I can't wait for Italy to be here and I want each day to go faster and slower at the same time. My Italain is slowly progressing (i'm finding four years of spanish impairing me a little), and I only have a few more things ( mostly packing)  to take care of.  I'm also finding out that my worry of over-packing was placed wrongly on cloths when it should have been shoes. :-).

Everyone from SCRYE is starting to leave soon, slowly trickling out of the country onto our exchanges while the inbounds slowly start trickling in. I wish all of them luck and great memories to make. If nothing big happens before August 27 my next post will be from Italy. Only 32 days...