Friday, September 30, 2011

The World Around Me.....

So here is a small poem I wrote in Latin class today. I don't usually write poems, i'm more of a story girl. But the inspiration hit and i wrote it down. Please exscuse any bad grammer or unsmooth parts, like i siad i'm not a poet by any standard. I tried to work it out as best as I could. Enjoy.

You wake up,
You sit up.
You look across the room.
There lay your host sorella still a’snooze.
Your ready before eight,
And ride the bus to school.
It’s no car or horse, but it’s still pretty cool.
You sit in class and strain to listen,
But often end up doodling with precision.
You leave school at one, one day a week at two.
It’s not as cool as you’d think ;because Saturday thiers school too.
Cowhearded onto a bus, grouped and pushed and shoved,
Stumbling off finally, trying to refrain from shoving back your “bud”.
On the short walk home a smile spreads across down turned lips.
Your host family can make everything better,
Because at the end of the day family is what matters.
And for a year they are your family.
Their laughter, their chatting, their banter,
Even the slight annoyance when at night your Facebook is full of your host sisters links about the newest Mad Hatter.
Then thiers the message from mom,
Counting down the seconds until your home.
The e-mail from dad always signed “camp champs”.
You wonder if you’ll ever get the letter he sent,
The one in a bottle, not with a stamp.
You and your host mother agree to disagree,
She thinks her cooking is no good,
And you eat until you feel a little green.
Bedtime rolls around and as you prepare,
You remember to keep stockings on your feet and their shall be no water in your hair.
You’ve been here a month,
and have had those mothering lectures quit enough.
You fall asleep after prayers; clutching your stuffed piece of home,
And dream sweet dreams about that giant gelato cone.
But sometimes those dreams aren’t so sweet,
Because you know way to soon….
You’ll wake up,
You’ll sit up,
You’ll look across the room….
And their in your bedroom mirrior.
Will be your first home reflected back at you.

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